Monday, August 3, 2015

As Few Words As Possible About Trump

I'll leave it to Shaw to cover Donald. I had my own Donald problem once upon a time and that one still brings bad memories.

I'll just tack on this sad news for Righties. OK, it's opinion. I don't care. 


  1. I read that article yesterday. It's a very good analysis of how the T-GOP got to where it is now: candidates who threaten to punch teachers, who insult an entire Hispanic culture, who believe women use birth control because they can't control their libidos, who liken protesting American workers to jihadist killers, and politicians who attract publicity by cooking bacon with a machine gun, who chain saw the tax code, and who kill their cell phone.

    When we say they're crazy, that's not an attack, that's telling the truth!

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  3. So Shaw, you agree with me that the article is news and not opinion. Very good.

    Very nice list you give there. Excuse me while I go search for " cooking bacon with a machine gun." OK, that was pretty nutty. Here's hoping Ted gets trichinosis.

    My favorite wingnuttery lately is the full scale attack on Planned Parenthood based on what is likely a heavily edited video. And the attack is all good cuz it's led by a woman, Joni Ernst. That should turn out well.

  4. The PP attack is nothing new. The TGOP has been trying to shut down abortions anywhere they are in control. The idiotic thing is that they want to stop abortion but are, at the same time, against birth control! See Mike Huckalibido!