Saturday, November 23, 2019

Letter Draft

     I’m responding to Kim Gamache writing, “The Democrats opened a Pandora’s Box.” If a Democrat is elected president in 2020, how long before impeachment proceedings begin?” And, “There is an election in less than a year. Let the people decide.” On the latter, I have to point out that’s the election President Trump was trying to get Ukraine to influence by extorting them over aid. On the former, even the RNC realizes the House is going to stay Democratic. And by voting to condone Trump’s actions Republicans are saying it’s okay to ask foreign governments to conduct cyberespionage and make up “dirt.” That includes Rep. Stefanik when she inevitably votes with the rest of her party. If there’s a President Warren running for re-election in 2024 and wants any sort of assistance from any country against say, Nikki Haley or Tom Cotton it’s no problem. Hacked e-mails or texts. Bogus investigations begun. Republicans are normalizing it by excusing Trump. Vladimir Putin is smiling and saying "Thank God, no one is accusing us of interfering in the US elections anymore; now they're accusing Ukraine."
     I want to mention Stefanik’s standing by while her cohorts push the “Ukraine interfered” Russian intelligence operation. It’s worth remaining silent to become a “star” in the GOP. Jim Jordan remained silent at Ohio State for what Joe Paterno lost his reputation for. Jordan is a folk hero now in today’s Republican party. A vote with Trump is ignoring his going on Fox and Friends and rambling about Crowdstrike and the DNC server. Things that can only be understood by those marinating in rightwing fever swamps. Fiona Hill’s testimony, “In the course of this investigation, I would ask that you please no promote politically driven falsehoods that so clearly advance Russian interests.” Rep. Stefanik claims her party, other than the president who's adopted the Russian line, has not denied that they interfered. Trumps' defenders are certainly working overtime to muddy the water, though.


  1. I'm a loser, but it's Russia's fault.

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