Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Couple of Great Letters

Agata Stanford

Elise Stefanik has voted to strike down the Affordable Care Act and defund Planned Parenthood. Her disregard for protecting our environment, or the deception she engaged in when she was allowed to vote against Trump’s Tax cuts in exchange for whipping the votes for its passing, a bill that benefited corporations and the 1%, her donors, not her constituents, or her numerous other assaults against labor, education and our financial and investment protections are available for anyone with a bit of curiosity to see by visiting the “Tracking the United States Congress” website. For her fans, the truth may be painful.

I really love this line.

Since when has corruption been quantified in acceptable amounts?


Tanya Goldstein

Perhaps an analogy will persuade those who are so blind they will not see. One day I look and see my neighbor (for the sake of argument say we don't get along) digging in his backyard and burying a large heavy object. Also, his wife has gone missing. I call the police because something seems fishy. (I am the whistleblower.) Two police detectives begin to investigate my tip. One is my friend, one my neighbor's. (That is the congressional inquiry.) They talk to my neighbor. He says his wife is visiting relatives, and he was doing some gardening. (Trump and his "perfect" phone call.)



"Elise is paying a smirking misogynist slime-ball to stalk Tedra Cobb!," she tells Pinocchio. "I've seen the creep's Twitter feed. He's very pleased with himself. He never removes his sunshades. Is the law after him? What is he hiding? No woman feels safe with a guy like that following her."


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