Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A Happy New Year LTTE

Actually, it had nothing to do with New Year's Day. Didn't have a good title. Out of practice. Maybe it's Happy New year to Elise. It'll be a very happy one if she's on her way out of office come the next one. 

I'd like to express a bravo and a boo for Rep. Stefanik. Thumbs up for the vote against the tax heist bill. Some cynics have suggested she might've gotten a hall pass because there were more than enough votes to pass it. In the spirit of the season, I'll concede that her concern over the state and local deductions was genuine. It would've been nice if she had been similarly disturbed by the damage being done to the ACA by the elimination of the individual mandate. I suppose that's a little boo for the sin of omission.

The bigger boo is for her vote against transparency back in March. The Democrats were pushing a bill to force the release of President Trump's taxes. He has said this tax bill will cost him "a fortune." From what I've read, there are many sweet perks in it that seem almost designed for him and his business. It would be nice to know for sure and not have to take his word for it.


  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog! I'm glad to see you blogging again; I missed you.

    I just checked the Cook Political Report's 2018 House Race Ratings and did not see NY - 21 or Representative Stefanik listed. That must mean they think her district is "Safe Republican." Sigh. At least Daily Kos reports that she has eight (!) Democratic challengers. In case her district comes into play, she'll be in more trouble than she expects.

    1. I've been hanging out on Twitter and FB. Twitter is more addictive than meth.

      Elise has 8 Dems, 2 Reps, 1 Libertarian and supposedly 2 Greens (so far are camera shy). There was an Independent but he dropped due to foot in mouth disease.

      Not sure if she's safe. The district went for Bill Clinton and Obama twice each and also Gore and Kerry. Trump did win it and Elise got 63%. The last two Dems were seen as carpetbaggers, as is she. All 8 Dems are legitimate residents. I have a few faves, but it's still early.

      There's a candidate forum tomorrow. All the contenders will be there sans unnamed Greens and Elise. I don't blame her for not attending the forums. She's at one town hall and holding since the election tho. It's like pulling teeth to get an opinion.

      Should be interesting. It seems to me it's a little late to distance oneself from Trump after he's been indicted.

    2. I hope you give your readers a report on the forum. I'm looking forward to it just for your take on the candidates.

      Twitter, eh? Now I'm looking for your account so I can follow it.