Saturday, January 6, 2018

One for B Movie Fans

Yes, I'm too simple to put the picture up.


  1. Love Bruce and the mashup with Mueller is just too much. He and the Raimis are from somewhere in Michigan, I believe. For a B actor he sure gets a lot of work.

    1. Oh, I'm quite aware of Campbell's and Raimi's Michigan connections. I also have one degree of separation from at least one of them. Campbell was born and raised in Royal Oak, where I lived for four years. I also used to work for the man who made the props for the Evil Dead films. He ran a prehistoric themed amusement park near where I used to live in the Irish Hills and he would tell stories about the breakaway furniture and glass he would build for action scenes. Before that, he was Gerald Ford's presidential photographer. Michigan connections all.

    2. Very cool. I read Campbell's first book. I see he has another out. My library has it but it's checked out right now.