Thursday, March 9, 2017

Wingnut Letter Day

My joy from the other day's 7 letters from sane, well-adjusted folks has been tempered somewhat by this letter today. It's not so much that he writes in support of Elise. I could understand doing that.

I’m writing in reply to the recent coverage of the protests that took place outside Congresswoman Elise Stefanik’s office in Glens Falls. I’m familiar with this George Soros (the billionaire) backed group having gone through the same thing when I ran the Glens Falls office for Congressman Chris Gibson. 

Yes, he started right off with move.on. And did anyone realize that Soros is a billionaire. A real one, not like the one in the WH.

Based on her votes, Congressional Quarterly ranked Congresswoman Stefanik among the most independent bipartisan members of Congress ranking her 21st most independent out of 435. Isn’t this what most of us want? 

Bullshit. And no that's not what I want. I live in a district that voted for Clinton twice, Gore, Kerry and Obama twice. I want a Democratic representative, preferably not a Blue Dog. 

When Chris Gibson was in office he too was ranked one of the most independent bipartisan members, but doesn’t care about that. They only care these fine representatives are Republicans and goes after them.

Twice for move.on.

So what is the issue here with Ms. Stefanik? It isn’t a vote. is trying to say she is not accessible to constituents.

That's three.

We don’t need this George Soros backed group here in the North Country stirring the pot. It’s time moves on.

That's four and he ends with a witty little pun. Maybe that's a punny little wit. OK, I'm officially scared of move.on and will check under the bed and in the closet before tucking in tonight. Oh, and I almost forgot. It's pretty likely that many of the folks protesting Elise Stefanik have no idea who George Soros or move. on are. Guess I should be grateful he didn't say they were getting paid. 

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