Friday, March 3, 2017

And Elise Swoons

I am so glad that my congresswoman is going to continue to cling tightly to the Trump coattails. That should make it so much easier to kick her out of office in 2018. She prefers to spend her time in Washington anyway.

Stefanik, R-Willsboro, said she felt the president’s speech overall was excellent, and was directed not just to Congress, but to all Americans.

“It was very unifying and optimistic and stressed the importance of bipartisanship,” she said.

What'd I Say (TM Repsac):

There's so much that could be said, but I don't want to sit here all through the weekend. Some say Carryn Owens was being honored. I say she was being used by the WH. We'll have to disagree on that. I do want to point out though that any ovation for her and Ryan Owens were not for the benefit of Mr. Trump. And kudos to Bill Owens for pointing out that the WH is using his son as a shield to deflect criticism. 

“It was very unifying and optimistic and stressed the importance of bipartisanship,” she said. 

Optimistic? Next to the "carnage" I guess it was. Unifying? Let's see, he talked about "recent threats targeting Jewish community centers and vandalism of Jewish cemeteries" a few hours after "Mr Trump broke his silence to repeat an neo-Nazi conspiracy theory that has claimed that the attacks are 'false flags'. " And he finally mentioned the shooting victim in Kansas though not by name. Then there was the unification that VOICE will bring to the nation. 

That follows his recent directive that Homeland Security collect and publish weekly data detailing crimes committed by undocumented immigrants. 

That isn’t data collection, that’s propaganda, and a shameless effort to stoke fear and suspicion of our immigrant neighbors and co-workers. 

Study after study has found that immigrants, with or without legal status, commit crimes at lower rates than native-born Americans. But Trump and his handlers have drawn an alternative conclusion, and now they want to shamelessly gin up the evidence. 

I feel the nation coming together already.

And that why I bookmark stuff here. It's so much easier to retrieve it for the PS comments section. 

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