Wednesday, February 15, 2017

So Now He Doesn't Like Leaks

They say Trump is mercurial.

In the final weeks of a dizzying presidential campaign, Donald J. Trump is suddenly embracing an unlikely ally: The document-spilling group WikiLeaks, which Republicans denounced when it published classified State Department cables and Pentagon secrets about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr. Trump, his advisers, and many of his supporters are increasingly seizing on a trove of embarrassing emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign that WikiLeaks has been publishing — and that American intelligence agencies said on Friday came largely from Russian intelligence agencies, with the authorization of “Russia’s senior-most officials.”

Ooh, now I know what that means. Hypocritical, right?


  1. Calling Trump a hypocrite is giving him too much credit. Hypocrisy is the tribute vice gives to virtue, which means that the hypocrite at least knows what he or she is doing is wrong and is at least trying to put on the appearance of doing the right thing. I don't think that Trump even thinks what he's doing is wrong. I doubt he even has a consistent position on anything other than making himself look and feel good. So he's not hypocritical--he doesn't have enough of a moral center for that--just inconsistent.

  2. Thanks for that. I knew mercurial was way too kind, I didn't think hypocritical was as well. Have to get back to the thesaurus. He definitely has no moral or political center either. He might be more dangerous if he actually had the latter.