Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Not That He's Going to Listen

Margaret Sullivan has advice for our Tin God on how to avoid future episodes like Sweden terror attacks.

1. Compare and contrast information sources. ...

A Google search would have helped. Or a quick check with someone in, say, the CIA.

2. Don't share without verifying. ...

For a presidential speech before thousands that will be televised globally? Definitely check at least once.

3. If you put out misinformation, correct it quickly. ...
No such correction yet for the Swedish gaffe. He backed off a little in a tweet, saying that his statement suggesting a specific attack was in reference to a TV report. And, two days later, Sweden did experience a riot in an immigrant-heavy suburb of Stockholm, though it certainly didn't bear comparison to terrorist attacks in Paris or Nice.

4. Be skeptical. .... Even "Fox & Friends" makes a mistake once in a while.

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