Monday, January 2, 2017

The Whole Camel is Almost in the Tent

I don't know much of the troubles in Israel. I suspect that continued settlements are not the answer. Scowcroft and Pickering seem to feel that way, too. Considering that David Friedman has been selected as ambassador to that country it's safe to assume Trump does not.

Support for Israeli-Palestinian peace predicated on an Israeli withdrawal to a border based on the 1967 lines and opposition to Israeli civilian settlements in occupied territories have been long-standing bipartisan principles of U.S. policy. The Carter administration’s determination of the illegality of settlements under international law has never been reversed by succeeding Republican or Democratic presidents.

OK, so there's someone whose understanding of the situation is worse than mine. Thanks Maggie Alitz.

The Lebanese will never settle with the Israelis in the Middle East or accept them. Their paychecks and graft monies would cease and they would have all responsibilities to their people. It is easy to blame other one’s problems. They blame Israel for everything.

The Israelis took land that was a desert and created an oasis on the most part; one of the few countries without warring groups.

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