Friday, January 13, 2017

I Have Modest Desires

So I had another letter I was working on for the PS. It was similar, but different. That was going to be the post title. It doesn't really fit this letter as well. But, I still like and still have modest desires.

    As someone enjoying the benefit of insurance through the ACA (Obamacare, for those who insist), I'd like to make a request of the Post Star. Could you call Congresswoman Stefanik and ask her to explain what's going on with it. I've heard a lot of talk about repeal and delay. The GOP has been demonizing ACA for 7 years now. In that time, they have not come up with a replacement. And they're going to in another year?
    Donald Trump recently said, "We're going to have a healthcare that is far less expensive and far better." Maybe our congresswoman could give him a call and ask for that "something terrific" he promised during his campaign. Why the delay? Implement that. Her steadfast support of him this past year should entitle her to an audience.

     The ACA has lowered the uninsured rate from 18% to 10.9%. Many have been protected from financial ruin by now having health insurance. Twenty million Americans now don't have to rely on the emergency room or forego preventive care waiting for a costly ailment to develop. Republicans have the opportunity to throw out the whole program and start from scratch. If 2 years from now people are dying from the deficiencies of Trumpcare, that's on them. Or they could get to work fixing the current system.

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