Monday, January 2, 2017

Accepting the Trump Presidency

Gene Weingarten offers some advice on coming to terms with the inevitable. He points out some of the other luminaries who attained the presidency without the popular vote.

Benjamin Harrison, who presided over the installation of electricity in the White House but then never flipped a switch because he was morbidly afraid of being electrocuted.

Rutherford B. Hayes, widely known as “His Fraudulency” because the election was stolen from Sam Tilden. Hayes was America’s first ayatollah: He banned drinking, smoking, dancing and card playing from the White House.

Another president who didn’t win the popular vote was George W. Bush, but in the interests of national reconciliation — and also because he is looking much better right now — I will not savage him here. (But I must note that he left office with the lowest-ever final approval rating of any president, and that even includes Richard Nixon, who actually needed a pardon to avoid going to jail.)

That is some good company to be in. 

This is going to be difficult since I've taken to calling him Donald Tweet, the king of the twits. 

Lose the nicknames. It has been tempting for people like me to attempt to diminish the president-elect by giving him amusing titles, such as Cheeto Benito, Mein Trumpf, T-Rump and The Angry Creamsicle.

He points out that it's possible Trump will turn out to be an acceptable president despite his campaign blather.

Perhaps the incoming president of the United States is a great big liar, a conscienceless opportunist and an unprincipled, amoral, convictionless fraud. We can only pray!

I'm pretty sure he's a liar, opportunist and a fraud. So, there's definitely hope for us.

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