Friday, January 2, 2015

Views on Affordable Care Act

I try to never, ever link to Donald here. And starting the year by doing so doesn't augur well for a shiny new turn of the calendar. But, here's DD linking to fellow right-wing rage demon Michelle Malkin. Anyone going to either site should wear protective gear and bring lots of hand sanitizer. So, to MM, "Obamacare" had a Annus Horribilis. Not surprsingly.

I did want to put up a post linking to someone of rational mind who doesn't spew bile at the mention of Barack Obama. With that in mind, here's a New Republic piece that provides a more balanced and sane view.

Let's see, more people have health insurance and it is improving their physical and mental health. No wonder MM and DD are pissed. The rise of health care costs is lower than it has been historically and the federal budget is being reduced.

I'm paying $129 a month for insurance that retails for $400. Without the ACA, I'd be paying $330 for lower quality insurance. Rage on, Clowns!


  1. Last time I checked in on Donald Douglas he was sharing in some Right wing hysteria that San Diego was being invaded by “diseased aliens”.
    Some children from Mexico I think he was talking about.

    Has San Diego thus vanished in some biological holocaust yet? I hadn’t heard.

    I wonder if he’s still convinced Sarah Palin will be president.

  2. I stop and look at his wingnuttery now and then, but I haven't commented on him here in ages. Afraid he'd show up in my comments and I'd have to bust the bank buying disinfectant for my blog.

    Pretty sure SD has survived the "diseased alien holocaust." I read Tbogg now and then and he's as hale, hearty and snarky as ever.

    Happy New Year, Magpie!