Wednesday, January 21, 2015

More Victims of the Second Amendment

From my local paper today comes the story of three more of our citizens who have lost their lives so that we may be free to possess firearms. The first was a cardiac doctor in Boston:

A man shot and fatally wounded a doctor inside a leading Boston hospital Tuesday before killing himself.

Authorities said Stephen Pasceri, 55, entered Brigham and Women's Hospital sometime before 11 a.m. and specifically requested the doctor.

Pasceri, of Millbury, shot the doctor twice just outside an examination room on the second floor of the Carl J. and Ruth Shapiro Cardiovascular Center; he then turned the gun on himself, police said.

The second was the shooter himself and the third was a 9 month old:

The boy found his grandfather’s .22-caliber magnum revolver that was being kept on a shelf built into the headboard in the master bedroom, Nodaway County Sheriff Darren White told The Washington Post. The baby was in a crib in the same room when the gun went off, and a bullet struck him in the head.

But rest easy:
Most people are very safe with them and this was just one of those cases where everything went together in the wrong way,”

Yeah, that's why I could pick stories out of the paper like these everyday and post them on my blog.

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