Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Are These Guys the Frontrunners?

If they're doing that badly, maybe we can run someone better than Hillary.

According to a NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey released Monday, both  2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) are less popular than they were last year. 

Last September, when Romney was repeatedly insisting he would not run for president again, 32% of Americans and 60% of Republicans viewed him favorably. 

Romney's popularity has since dipped. According to the NBC poll, just 27% of Americans and 52% of Republicans have a positive rating for him. The drop comes after Romney revealed his interest in a potential 2016 run in January. 

Bush's ratings have also taken a small tumble since December, when he announced he was taking a major step toward running for president and forming a leadership PAC. In November, 26% of Americans and 44% of Republicans viewed Bush positively. Now 19% of Americans and 37% of Republicans say the same.

I studied blogging under the auspices of the great Donald Douglas. I went to his den of depravity to see what his feelings were on President Obama's idea of free community college. Thought he might give our Dear Leader a thumb's up. Didn't see it mentioned. Oddly, I did see this

Ms. Fisher has a post up at Facebook about how she was all famous and hot to trot once her Twitter fame exploded. She didn't handle it well and now has gotten back to God and family: 

This is all about someone named Holly Fisher, described by Donald in the post title as "Army Wife and Conservative Hottie." Ooh la la! My god, but he's forgiving when it's a Right-wing hypocrite:

I'll say though, for someone who went viral mocking the hell out of hate-addled leftists, she's fallen pretty hard. But then, we're all fallen. We're human. Owning up to it is the start of getting things back together. Hopefully her husband's going to be forgiving. I'd hate for them to divorce. Their baby would get the worst of it. She's still just a little thing.

Although I know nothing about the woman, I'll mutter a nihilist prayer for her. 

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