Friday, May 22, 2009

Since We’re on the Subject of Daisies

Thought it appropriate to throw on this video for the GOP, in honor of their resurrection of the Lyndon Johnson era daisy ad. Since the Republican party now seems to be mostly in the position of pushing up daisies:


  1. You're busier with Hometown USA than your old site. I will honor your request and not add the link.

    Unless I get a streak of Nihilism and feel like it.

  2. Kind and Gentle Truth 101, you are my inspiration. It was your name changing, chameleon self that influenced me to make a change. I'm really liking the new place so far. Since I burned down the old blog, I haven't been to American Power at all. That is also a good influence you have had on me. With luck, there will be no dangerous links to click on here. I'm not giving that freak any hits.

    I added your link, and if you want add mine. Don't know if I'm more nihilist or narcissist. But, I'm really just out to amuse myself.

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend.