Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The New Supreme

From Adam Nagourney in the NY Times:

“The G.O. P. has to make a stand,” said Scott Reed, manager of the 1996 presidential campaign of Bob Dole. “This is what the base and social conservatives really care about, and we need to brand her a liberal with some out-of-the-mainstream positions. Forget about cosmetics and ethnic heritage, and focus on her record.”

Nice move by Obama. The GOP has a choice between pissing off their base and tossing away any chance of courting the Hispanic vote for the next few decades. They’ve probably lost that vote already, so what the Hell, filibuster.

As an aside, I have to wonder how Gonzo feels. He coulda been a contenda for the Court, but chose the path of war criminal and is now unemployed. Life sure is funny!

And speaking of funny, apparently Mike Huckabee is under the impression that all Latinas are named Maria.

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