Monday, May 18, 2009


Hobbes is absolutely right. This is like having a big white sheet of paper to draw on.

First, I would like to thank Kind and Gentle Truth for the stirring eulogy. It made me almost ashamed to be still alive.

Second, I would ask not to be put on blog lists. I don't expect to add a lot of fresh content here. I, likely, won't be adding you to mine. I have put a link to American Nihilist in my sidebar. Repsac has assembled a blog list there that is second to none.

Third, the explanation for the title of the blog is from the description of Glens Falls, as Hometown USA, by Look magazine in 1944. A bit before my time, but I believe they were saying all you other hometowns aren't quite cutting it. We're number 1! USA! USA!

Fourth, the problem with a fresh, white sheet of paper is deciding what to put on it. I expect it to be mostly a lot of doodling, pretty much like the previous blog.

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