Friday, March 27, 2020

Stay Home, Submit On Your IPhone

I read that Rep. Stefanik says “ President Trump should take action under the Defense Production Act to meet our nation’s needs during this national emergency.” He’s not, though. Reps Katko, Slotkin and Ryan have sponsored the Medical Supply Chain Emergency Act. This would force President Trump to use the Defense Production Act to require companies to begin emergency production of medical ventilators, respirators, face shields, exam gloves and surgical gowns. Thirty Democrats and zero Republicans have signed on the last I saw.

This seems like a better focus for her energy right now than the investigation of what China knew when. That can be done once we survive the current crisis. And Democrats can investigate why Trump has done or not done whatever.

A word of praise for all the medical professionals serving us now. Governor Cuomo said, “We are going to fight every way we can to save every life we can.” Stay strong, stay home. Don’t make their jobs harder by following bad advice.

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