Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Impeachment Impeded Trump

Since the latest bullshit is that Trump was so busy with impeachment he couldn’t take on coronavirus:

Yes. He held rallies on:
—January 9th
—January 14th
—January 28th
—January 30th
—February 10th
—February 19th
—February 20th
—February 21st
—February 28th

He golfed on:
—January 18th
—January 19th
—February 1st
—February 15th
—March 7th
—March 8th

Thanks to Andrew Wortman on Twitter. And since I’m there. Rick Wilson:

Someone pointed out the cognitive dissonance of the current Trump message. "Trump's handling of Corona has been PERFECT from the start and he was johnny-on-the-spot!" while simultaneously saying, "Oh, the MEAN impeachment was SO distracting."

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  1. Not. And you know why?
    Peepow were focused on
    the eternal outcome,
    not the whorizontal
    which you 'New Yoirks'
    think is the BeAll, EndAll.