Friday, July 14, 2017

Quick Link to Michael Gerson

On the latest sins of Trump:

Republicans have sometimes employed the excuse that members of the Trump team are new to politics — babes in the woods — who don’t yet understand all the ins and outs. Their innocence, the argument goes, is proved by their guilt. This might apply to minor infractions of campaign finance law. It does not cover egregious acts of wrongdoing. Putting a future president in the debt of a foreign power — and subject, presumably, to blackmail by that power — is the height of sleazy stupidity. It is not a mistake born of greenness; it is evidence of a vacant conscience.


  1. Pretty strong words from Gerson, but he's correct. Trump's supporters will not face these facts and understand what ascoundrel Trump is and how he's put more scoundrels in his administration.

  2. Poor Donald, even those Repubs in Congress that he carried across the finish line don't have his back anymore. Boo hoo!