Monday, July 31, 2017

Islamophobia Fake News

Just want to mention this nasty bit that was on my Facebook page. I suppose I could unfriend or whatever the person that put it up. That seems counterproductive, tho. I'd prefer to try to educate people in how they should check things like this out. And I try to lose as few friends as necessary.

Laura Hayes is not the person on my friend-list. Her, I would trash faster than the Mooch did to Priebus. She's got a pile of nasty anti-Muslim trash on her page. I did report her to FB and sent a message to her pointing out that what she put up was bullshit. How much good that does, I have no idea. Here's the Snopes version.


  1. As a Michigan resident, crap like this really pisses me off! Leave my Muslim neighbors alone, bigots!

  2. What gets me is that the Puritans come here to escape religious persecution and now the majority is going to turn around and persecute these people when all they're doing is trying to worship as they see fit. And using photoshopped bullshit to justify their hatred. I reported it to FB and contacted the slimy woman that put it up. What comes out of that, who knows? There was a story in WashPo today about FB going overboard taking down posts. Ya can't win, but ya gotta stay in the game.