Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I Love Difference-Makers

Probably my favorite part of the weekly CSM is this section.

Orion Kriegman wants to fill Boston with hundreds of places where people grow food together.  And not just grow food, but reconnect with nature, while cultivating neighborhood friendships that knit together the city’s diverse cultures.

Can he do it?

So far Mr. Kriegman and an enthusiastic group of like-minded activists called the Boston Food Forest Coalition (BFFC) are moving forward with a half-dozen “forest gardens.”  Each garden will host a panorama of food-producing plants, including trees and shrubs to mimic woodlands. The BFFC also aims to “revive and conserve” old, neglected city apple orchards.

I had two plots in my local community garden for $10 a piece and harvested probably $100 worth of veggies or more. Love a good deal. 

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