Friday, May 8, 2015

Today In Guns

Courtesy of Charles Pierce I learn how frigging nuts they are in Georgia for the NRA's objets d'amour.

We know down to the street address the gun shops at which the weapons used to kill cops begin. We even know which store is the fifth-largest source of guns used in gun crimes around the country. Not that we are capable of doing fk-all with this detailed information.

It boils down to: if you live in Georgia you can sell a gun to anyone no matter how crazy they are, oh hell regardless of anything. They can take that gun anywhere and kill anyone and you are not in trouble with the law. Also, if you can take your gun with you anywhere in Georgia. Do not visit Georgia. 

Go see the rest of Pierce's post. All good stuff as always.

Further proof of the insanity that runs rampant south of the Mason-Dixon Line comes from Salon. Don't go to Texas either. The snow is gone and Spring is beautiful here in northern NY.  

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry tried to split hairs, saying that he understands why Abbott, Cruz and Gohmert are concerned — they don’t trust the Obama administration — but that “the military is something else” and deserves the benefit of the doubt. Former Texas Ranger — at least on television — Chuck Norris would brook no call to reason, however, as he compared himself and fellow conspiracy theorists to Benjamin Franklin in his most recent World Net Daily column.

That's right. They still think the US military is preparing to invade Texas, apparently to make it part of the United States. Though, I think that was already done some time ago. BTW Scott, I'll have you know that Rick Perry made Norris an honorary Texas Ranger so it's more than just on TV. 

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