Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Draw Muhammad Event Gets Intended Response

Pam Geller managed to get two knuckleheads to attack the event and she got lots of publicity. England, due to good taste and such, won't allow her in the country. Can we send her somewhere?

Host Martha MacCallum raised alternative methods for Geller to make her point without incendiary Islamophobia, which Geller rejected. “This is political Islam, seeking to impose restrictions on free speech,” she said, “and you’re asking me to abridge my speech so as not to offend savages.” 

Yes, she's way too much of a right-wing extremist even for Fox News. In fact, her actions are sort of reminiscent of some group.

Professor Coonfield pointed out the similarities of some of the depictions of the prophet Muhammad to posters for “Der Ewige Jude,” or “The Eternal Jew,” a notorious Nazi propaganda “documentary.”

In one of the cartoons, the prophet is depicted as contorted and snarling and as a hook-nosed man in a turban holding a bloody knife. The caption reads, “When it comes to religion ... I’ve got the edge.” The face, Coonfield notes, is nearly identical to the contorted face of “The Eternal Jew” poster.

“That strategy for creating a sense of ‘unity’ by lifting up this internal enemy is as old as human civilization and culture,” he says. “It’s ironic that the kind of thinking that Hitler used, and the Nazis have become famous for using – propaganda to try to create this sense of a collective by creating a strong unquestionably evil Other who is right here in our midst ... so it’s kind of ironic that she’s trying to link some of these things together, when that is in fact her message.”

I reject your Godwin assertion because she is a creep. 

Despite the fact that images depicting the prophet Muhammad cut deeply to the heart of Muslim identity, Muslim leaders in Texas told their followers not to picket or protest the event on Sunday.

“Her words are not just free speech,” says Linda Sarsour, executive director of the Arab American Association of New York. “They are inciteful; they incite hate against our whole community. I was very dismayed by the shooting in Garland, Texas, but at the same time, Pamela Geller is not the victim in this situation that we’re in right now.”

“She intentionally put that event together in hopes that she’d get the response that she received,” Ms. Sarsour says.

“We prayed, but not one Muslim from the state of Texas went out to protest her,” she added. “Muslim leaders specifically told people, do not go anywhere near her. Let her do whatever she does. We don’t care. And there was no protesting outside – unfortunately, except for these two guys from Arizona, who were already on the radar of the FBI anyway.”

Yes, I'm sure Geller is very happy with the response.

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  1. The worst of Geller's tactics was her self-comparison to Rosa Parks this AM on Faux Nooz.

  2. She and her ilk and the ISIS crowd deserve each other. But, I wish they'd leave the rest of us out of their lunacy.