Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Moving On

Well, I've spent the past week sitting shiva for the election. Time to move on. Now I start to put together my platform for the 2016 run for representative in the district. If Funiciello can run, anyone can. I haven't chosen a party yet and none have chosen me. But, it's early. As an opening plank, I'm advocating for a mandatory 30 hour work week. No overtime for any reason, love or money.

We used to send children down mines, sack women when they got married and expect workers to put in 12-hour day, six days a week. For more than 200 years, we have associated better working conditions and shorter hours with human progress. An average workweek of 40 hours nowadays looks old fashioned and backward.

That's right! All the candidates running in this past election were willing to allow Americans to continue to suffer the 21st century equivalent of Dickens' London. More people working fewer hours equals more people employed in my macroeconomic view. I have more bold ideas in my platform and they will be unveiled over the course of the next year and a half or so.

Moving on to other local happenings: My former employer had a name change announced today. I heard it on the radio as I lie semi-comatose in bed this AM. I first thought they'd be changing it back to Central Market (which seemed like a good move). In the second sentence I heard they were changing it to Market 32 (which seemed like WTF?). Going on-line confirms that I was not still dreaming.

The chain's new name will be Market 32, a reference to Price Chopper's founding by the Golub family in 1932.

OK, still WTF? And they're spending $300 million on it. No, spend money hiring more help, paying more people full-time. I may not have mentioned in awhile that I don't work and it's entirely thanks to Price Chopper for working me like a galley slave for $9.90 an hour. Thanks Golubs.

In national news, not so much with IS, but our war on Ebola has apparently been won. Break out the ticker tape parade for Barack.

Fox News announced on Wednesday that it is terminating its coverage of the Ebola virus effective immediately, because, in the words of the host Sean Hannity, “Our work is done.”

The election of a Republican-led Congress may or may not have ended the War on Terror. Sleep soundly or not, depending on your party affiliation.


  1. There's talk of running me for something since I went republican. But that's a novel idea these days also. A liberal running as a liberal. It worked for Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

  2. Good to hear from you, Joe. Trying to get back to throwing a post up now and then.

    If there were only more Dems like Warren. My candidate for representative waffled on whether he would've voted for ACA or not. Fucking Hell, they're going to assume it anyway. He was dead from the start and had a Green Party schmuck against him calling for $15 min wage and single payer and a pony in every kid's yard. GREEN = Getting Republicans Elected Every November.

    Feel free to steal my 30 hour max work week if you like. I could vote for you as a Republican.

  3. I was going to demand elimination of the 40 hour week so people could be free to work as many hours as they or their employers want them to.

  4. Legalized marijuana nationwide and the elimination of work altogether is another idea I could get behind. All Woodstock, all the time.

  5. I'm, of course, awaiting comments like that coming back to bite me in the ass in my congressional campaign. I'm sure Donald will have my back, tho.