Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Yes!!!! Agenda 21 Is A Go In Northern NY!!!!!

Please excuse the excessive use of exclamation points but I couldn't be happier that our Commie Nihilist coalition of supervisors has pushed through Agenda 21 here in our neck of the woods.

Tea party-backed anti-Agenda 21 legislation that would have barred Washington County from participating in state-level land-use and planning initiatives died Monday in a joint county committee meeting.

It won't be long now before we are all boarding the boxcars on our way to urban ghettoes paradise.

Believers of the Agenda 21 conspiracy theory see a world where rural Americans are stripped of their lands and loaded on trains destined for urban living centers in the name of environmental protection.

Once again we have beaten back the best efforts of the Birchers to reveal the true nature of the menace the American society faces like fluoride in our drinking water. Only their society and we nihilists know that that is what actually caused the US to become a bunch of latte-sipping, arugula-eating Obama voters. Happy fuckin' Earth Day, Birchers! (had one left over from the post title).

The county tea party and regional John Birch Society have been pushing the local legislation based on growing fears among the political right-wing that state programs, including Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Greener, Cleaner Jobs Initiative, is somehow part of a one-world socialist government takeover orchestrated by the United Nations with the help of the news media and environmental scientists.

And happy Earth Day, Dana Haff and the nuts in Hartford who elected him.

Hartford Supervisor Dana Haff’s proposed legislation that would have essentially stood as a blanket rejection of Cuomo’s green jobs proposal and other statewide environmental land-use initiatives, including any grant money for bike paths and green business development that may stem from the state programs, saw no support from county supervisors.

Hell no, we won't take money from Albany for bike paths and green business development.

The legislation couldn’t even reach the floor because there was no “second” by members of the county committee, a required step in general parliamentary process for a resolution’s consideration.

OK, maybe just a little money.


  1. I believe Andrew Cuomo has outlawed Republicans in NY. Some of them do sneak into office under the RADAR, tho. We are training the youth to turn them in every chance they get. Off to the gulags with them.

  2. That's what the republicans did in Quincy. I'm one of four democrats left in the whole county.