Thursday, April 4, 2013


The photos look like something from Asimov's science fiction magazine. If you thought your vertical gardening efforts were impressive, here's a view of some farmscrapers:

And yes, they're being constructed in China.

“Farmscraper” is the term they invented for a plan of six skyscrapers, deemed “Asian Cairns,” created for Shenzhen province in China. The towering structures are divided into ovular, blob-like sections that look like rocks smoothed by years in running water. Each blob plays host to a miniature forest of trees and grass, along with wind turbines and solar cells.

Good luck to them and I hope that someday the US will move away from making better drones, missiles, etc. and toward technology more practical fro improving the planet and our species. As for me, back to the vertical garden and raised beds.

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