Thursday, March 21, 2013

We're Number 30?

Apparently, New York State is number 30 when it comes to happiness. I thought my own sense of abounding joy would bring it up into at least the to 20.

New York was the largest of eight states in which unemployment did not fall in 2012. Many residents who were employed did not like their jobs either.

Well there you go. That's you people's problem. Working. Being between situations like I am would make you a lot happier.

Just 84.3% of respondents told Gallup they were satisfied with their jobs, the worst figure in the U.S. Also, only 76.4% said their supervisors promoted trust, the second-worst such figure.

Like I said.

New York was also ranked among the worst states for the percentage of respondents who stated they had experienced enjoyment — and not sadness and anger — in the previous day.

Well, now I feel sad for all of my fellow NYers. Total buzzkill!

I'm off to see if I can spread some joy cuz this survey is really disheartening. The only good thing I saw was that the unhappiest states of all were Southern and red states. Yeeha!

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