Monday, March 25, 2013

Renaissance Now

I saw this article in my local paper this morning about a proposed community garden project in Fort Edward which is the town I'm moving to. Thought I'd share it with anyone who happens to misclick a link and stumbles in here.

When members of the Village Baptist Church and others in the community started discussing a community garden, it was a simple idea, aimed at giving people a place to grow fresh fruits and vegetables and to supplement the Fort Edward Community Food Pantry.

The first dirt has yet to be turned, and the project is already becoming something larger than planned.

I wasn't aware that this was happening and am somewhat unfamiliar with the community, though it is a small town and hopefully that won't take long.

“This really fits in with what we are doing,” Ed Carpenter, a village trustee, said at a meeting of the Village Board earlier this month. “The planning is going well, and we are getting ready to move forward. The site is perfect for what we want to do in the village.”

Carpenter, one of seven members of the committee headed by the Rev. Dr. Sheldon Hurst, the church’s pastor, was referring to the village’s overall Renaissance Plan, which focuses on a series of specific zones within Fort Edward. It is designed to improve the community and bring more people downtown.

I'm looking forward to learning more about the Renaissance Plan and possibly getting involved in this in some way. Mostly put this post up in order to be a reminder to myself of its existence so I'll check up on it again in the future.

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