Friday, February 26, 2010

Song for Truth101

This post is inspired by my friend Truth. Sometimes we just get too focused on the negative events of the day. Life really is wonderful and is to be celebrated. Any day that your name doesn’t turn up in the morning obits is a good one. Everyone sing along!

UPDATE: I feel I may have misjudged the tone of my friend Truth’s blog of late. But, I haven’t been spending a lot of time in the tubes lately. In any case, I’ll post another clip and just assume there is a song somewhere between Lesley Gore and Patti Smith that would be perfectly appropriate. Just not sure what it would be. Once again, feel free to sing along.


  1. If this is the best I could inspire do you blame me for being negative?

  2. It maybe hearkens back to the Kinder and Gentler Truth of a bygone era. Could have been worse. It could have been Doris Day.

    Anyway, I got cut and stitched on Wednesday, and am trying to look on the bright side. The bright side is it was just a hernia. I'm a glass half full sort.