Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Lazy Sunday Morning

And I feel like wallowing in the mud a bit. So, at American Sore Loser, we have Don Doug firing the opening salvos in what he hopes will be a blog war with Meghan McCain: 

I didn't know Meghan McCain was a genuine skank. 

And then he posts an image of her saying motherfucker because only a skank would say that. But, what really sticks in Dr. Don’s craw is that:

Yeah, I'm up on Ms. McCain's wars with everybody who's somebody on the conservative right today

And she’s not at war with him, or at least it’s a cold war. And just to establish that he truly is second-rate, even beneath Robert Stacy McCain (a butt boy to, some might say):

I'm sending this post to Robert Stacy McCain (The Other McCain) to see what kind of fisking he'll work up (if any) on Meghan's lastest splash in the news.

And with luck he’ll link to American Power.

An aside, it’s too bad computers don’t have some sort of spell check thingy that could tell Herr Professor that lastest is not an actual word. But, word meanings and spelling don’t matter to him because: 

P.S. Folks know I have something of a bad-boy rep on the right, but boasting my mofo creds on Twitter isn't part of my repertoire! 

That’s right! He bad! This is a link to the post, but please don’t go there because he hates getting a lot of web hits. I try to minimize my own visits. Besides, I’ve cut and pasted every word of his, the rest was just his own cut and paste.


  1. A good feud can generate lots of hits. Maybe we should have a feud exDLB. I generally agree with everything you say though.

    And while lots of traffic is good for the ego, do any of us really get enough to actually make money at this? And is Google that stupid that the bored and lonely who click onto their own sites 5oo times a day can fool it into thinking they actually have a large readership?

  2. Truth, most all of my posts are stolen material which I would feel guilty taking money for putting up. The fact that I receive nothing makes me feel a bit less like a plagiarist. The clip of Barney Frank and stuff like that is something that should go viral, though.

    I could see folks like you and Dr. Bio receiving a little cash, as you guys do put up all original content. Clownshoes, OTOH, not so much. I see Bio has monetarized and I wish him well with it. He obviously puts in a lot of time on his essays and if he receives a few dollars for it, certainly deserves it.

    I click here mostly for my blog lists. Also use AmNi because Reppy has put up such nice list there.

  3. I'd visit Dr.Biobrain more often but he rarely visits TSR so I kind of forget about him. Come to think of it, I don't remember him ever visiting TSR. I guess I'll have to crash the Nutty Professor's site now and then to see what Doc and Reppy are up to.

  4. That's the trouble, Truth. There's too many people doing interesting blogs that there's not enough time to read them all. Shaw has a great blog at Progressive Eruptions that I don't find time for. Tao was fantastic. Balloon Juice is an incredible blog that I don't make it over to much. I go over to your place when I see at AmNi that there is a new post. But, there's just an information overload. JBW's friend Quiet Magpie also has a really intersting blog. I feel like I could spend my whole day just perusing blogs that are of interest, but there just isn't that much time.

    That was one of the reasons I burnt the last blog to the ground. I had people on my blogroll that I felt I was dishonoring by not visiting them frequently enough. Mostly now, I go to AmNi and check the updates there. I haven't been to Professor Clownshoes' place in a week or so. I don't have time to waste on that BS and don't want to give him the hits anyway. Thank you for setting a sterling example in shunning him.

    Be well.

  5. I hear you. I rarely visit outside what's on my link list cause how do you keep up? Some bloggers have a hundred or more sites on their link lists. How do they keep up?