Saturday, August 15, 2009

Drinking Away the Guilt

My former congressman, and proud participant in the Brooks Brothers riot, continues to try to drink away the guilt from having been a part of inflicting George Bush upon the nation. If he does receive his much-deserved jail time from these several drunk driving offenses, I wouldn’t worry about his safety in the clink. This is the man Bush deemed Congressman Kickass. 

Sweeney's lawyer, E. Stewart Jones, said the indictment was disappointing and unnecessary. "John is paying a heavy price for who he used to be and who he no longer is," Jones said. 

Yeah, it sucks to no longer be a congressman and be able to just make those DWIs go away. If I see John at a Phantoms game this winter, I’ll be happy to buy him a couple of rounds, though. No hard feelings.

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