Sunday, July 5, 2009

The End is Near

On July 30, conservatives are 'going Galt,' named after Ayn Rand's famous character John Galt from her novel Atlas Shrugged, and thus  refuse to show up for work.  They plan to 'call in conservative.' 

How will the republic survive without conservatives for one day?

If this means businesses lose billions of dollars on that day, fine.  If this means that travel will be disrupted, good.  If this means communication systems are crippled, so be it.  

Feel the sting of “John Galt.” 

No doubt employers and business owners will threaten employees with termination if they 'call in conservative' on that day.  Don't let them intimidate you.  They need conservative employees, who tend to be the most reliable and conscientious.  And, it must be stated that some will probably lose their jobs.

It’s like Nathan Hale, only,“Give me the day off or give me termination.” If they get fired for one call in, doesn’t that kind of quash the idea of how indispensible they were in the first place?

Your country and its rule of law--The United States Constitution--need your help at this critical time.  If multi-millions of citizens participate, there is no way Washington can ignore us.  And if they do,  the next step may not be so pretty. 

And, if no one notices will you STFU about it?


  1. Very timely post ExDLB. I hope the troll that's wearing me out over my expose on Atlas Shrugged leaves you alone. But I do love the irony of worker exploiting rich people going on strike.

  2. I wish they would go Galt, I might go job hunting. I think I'd make a great CEO.