Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Wow, Look at the Cobwebs

 I'm surprised Google hasn't deleted my blog by now. Maybe they never do that. Anyway LTTE that Post Star didn't see fit to print for whatever reason and rather than see my efforts go totally to waste. 

I want to thank James Hart for the Sunday fact-check. Officer Brian Sicknick was sprayed in the face with bear mace. It was determined, horrible as that must’ve been, not to be the cause of his death. Ashli Babbitt was killed by, to use a polite term, nonsense. She’d been fed two months of lies about the election by the world’s sorest loser. This propaganda came from Donald Trump, his lawyers, rightwing media and his minions in Congress, including ours. The families of Babbitt and Sicknick and the 140 injured officers deserve our sympathy and our support for investigation.

The January 6th Committee began last Tuesday with four officers testifying. They’ve been mocked by rightwing media with garbage not worth repeating. Seeing videos of the attack, I’m astonished there weren’t more deaths. The feat they accomplished was a miracle.

Rep. Stefanik provided an expected distraction. She knows Speaker Pelosi isn’t responsible for the attack. Who were the targets of the mob? Obviously Pence, since they had a gallows constructed and were chanting about using it. They were calling for Pelosi. It’s not a stretch to think any Democrat would’ve been in danger, along with Sen. Romney. How much danger were Republicans in, especially if they were the face of Trump’s first impeachment defense?

Testimony, under oath, will go on the historical record unlike cheap attempts to gaslight. Sen. Sasse says people in the White House told him Trump was “delighted” on January 6th. Historians will be delighted to know what did the president do and when did he do it. Rep. Kinzinger asks, “Did the president make calls? If he didn’t, why?” Did Trump’s actions match what would be expected of a Commander in Chief when the US Capitol was under attack?


  1. I think your blog is safe. I've seen blogs that had had no new posts for ten years, but are still there.

    Obviously it makes no sense to blame Pelosi for the lynch-mob attack when she's one of the people they were threatening to kill. The people spouting this stuff know their followers are so stupid they don't even need to go to the effort of making sense.

  2. Thanks, I’m picturing archaeologists thousands of years from now poring over our blogs.

    Nah, probably not.

  3. Hey! I just saw that you're posting again. I haven't checked since early in June. I hope you post more!