Sunday, February 16, 2020

Chicken Stretching

Good job by Rep. Stefanik of emulating President Trump. She recently mocked Tedra Cobb on Twitter over a story Cobb relates of her mother "stretching" the chicken to feed nine children. But, maybe empathy, along with honesty, has died in Trump's GOP. It's not much of a transition, though. Stefanik ran on "repeal and replace Obamacare" twice when Republicans had no idea what to replace it with. We're fast approaching the third anniversary of the debacle where they proved it. Any day now Trump should be unveiling his "terrific" plan.

I'd like to also respond to Ms. Graves' remarks on socialism. The socialism is in the house! Trump is paying billions of dollars to farmers who've lost markets due to his trade wars. There's robbing the Pentagon budget to build his wall that Mexico has yet to pay for. If that's not enough government control, there's the president's shifting a Pentagon contract from Amazon to Microsoft. Jeff Bezos is a real billionaire, a self-made one and owns the Washington Post so he must be punished. Central planning much?

Democrats don't want us to become Venezuela either. In countries like that the leader interferes with justice so his supporters receive light sentences and his foes are investigated. Sound familiar? Republican politicians have forever railed at Social Security and Medicare as socialism, too. When it comes time to pay off Trump's trillion dollar deficits incurred by tax cuts on the wealthy that's where they'll look for the money. Better get the recipe from Tedra's mom because we're all going to be "stretching" the chicken.


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