Sunday, September 22, 2019

Another Deplorable Letter

Saturday, I took a walk down Warren Street to experience the Trump Followers. I only imbibed a short while. Regular readers know my politics, but if I was a Republican it wouldn't please me to have these folks as representative of my party. Speaking of representatives, that includes ours. I saw several Stefanik banners. One wonders if she's proud of this support. It's hard to say since we hear so little from her. In the brief time, I heard several profanities and some nonsense about Michelle Obama being a man projected from a bullhorn. Is this another case of we didn't think we needed a law against it? So much of that in the Trump era.  This likely makes Saratoga a more attractive destination on a sunny, late summer Saturday.

I've heard the response of the Followers and it's "what about the protesters arrested at our congresswoman's office." Agree with them or not, they were arrested at a taxpayer supported facility because they disagreed with our government's treatment of people fleeing economic hardship. "Petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances" and all. The folks that take pride in being deplorable are out there to praise Trump and trash the people on his enemies list. Such is the hollowness of the Republican Party. It now stands for Trump, the wall, ad hominem attacks on his opponents and nothing more. Like or loathe Liz Warren's and AOC's ideas, at least there's something to discuss. Spare me the socialist epithet unless you can explain how billions to Midwest farmers is not and how trade wars jibe with free market principles.  

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