Saturday, August 11, 2018

Happy Saturday: Chris Collins Edition

Collins is ending his re-election bid. His district is said to be very red and was out of play for flipping.

It is unclear whether Collins' name can be removed from the November ballot at this point and whether Republican Party officials will be able to nominate another candidate for the seat.

I'd say from reading that that it is clear his name can't be taken off the ballot and replaced. I don't think they even have time to get signatures to run anyone on another line. I believe that date has passed. So, the choices in NY's 27th are the soon to be felon, Chris Collins or Nate McMurray, the luckiest man in politics. 


  1. It looks like New York's laws about election deadlines are just as tough for candidates are they are for voters. I recall the Trump family being unable to change their party registration soon enough to vote for dear old dad in the New York primary. On the other hand, ballot access for minor parties seems much less restrictive, including the ability to cross-endorse. That led me to look at Ballotpedia's entry on New York's 27th Congressional District. It shows a third candidate, Larry Piegza, who is running as a Reform Party candidate. I wonder if it's too late for the Conservative Party to cross-endorse him. If not, then Piegza might be the second luckiest man in New York politics after Nate McMurray.

  2. Trump family being unable to change their party registration soon enough to vote for dear old dad in the New York primary.

    Yes, to change party registration you have to do it prior to the November general election the year before. I work as an election official and that's part of the little I know. Mostly I just sit there and hand out ballots, make sure the signature matches and so on. Another thing NY does is separate state and federal primaries which is kinda nuts. The congressional was in April and the state is in September.

    Thanks for the info on Piezga. The latest is that Carl Paladino is jumping in as, presumably a write-in. The bench is apparently a little thin for the GOP in NY. This is Paladino. Worse than Trump.


    1. Carl Paladino? You're not kidding that he's worse than Trump. I shouldn't be surprised he's trying to run as a write-in candidate. He's enough of an egomaniac that he might not know or care that he's going to split the Republican vote even more, making it easier for McMurray to win.

  3. Paladino was the candidate for governor in 2012. He actually won a primary, too. The guy he beat was just an average run of the mill Republican. Go figure.