Friday, May 18, 2018

Leonardo Crows

Leonardo Alcivar in today's PS does a touchdown dance, or possibly the nihilist victory dance, over the bucks Elise is raking in from sources like John Bolton (10 grand) and another 10 grand from a Fraternity and Sorority PAC that they have no idea why they received it.

In Comments, I'll be sure to report back if he responds:

“The Democratic candidates’ embarrassing fundraising numbers speak for themselves,”

Leonardo, if you open up the Good Book to Judges you can read about a plucky shepherd boy who smote a Philistine giant. Since you may not be familiar with the story, tell Elise to keep her head down. Oops, she already does.

“The Stefanik campaign is proud to have earned such overwhelming financial and grassroots support across every county in our District, and beyond,”

I don't think "grassroots" means what you think it means. Being funded by Paul Ryan, Devin Nunes, John Bolton, Adelson, Singer and the Koch's is not the definition.

I'm sure Stefanik will still be better funded. After June 26th, there'll be one Democratic opponent and the donations from Dems will go to that candidate. You know, grassroots donations. The kind from within the 21st district.


  1. Since this is the most recent post of yours about Elise Stefanik's (hopefully unsuccessful) reelection campaign, I'm using it to ask you about one of her potential opponents, Dylan Ratigan. What do you think of him?

  2. He's my least favorite. He's never voted before and I find that kinda odd. Unfairly or not I see him as a carpetbagger. The last two Dems got tagged with that. Mike Derrick who ran in 2016 was career military so it may have been unfair to label him thusly. Aaron Woolf is a filmmaker and spent time in and out of the district. He ran against Elise in 2014 when she was first elected. She left the district at 18 for college, then worked in the Dubya WH and didn't look back until she wanted to be in Congress. That may be a little unfair. Oh well. She's in her early 30's with a long and sordid career ahead of her.

    So, I kinda look at Ratigan similarly and I see a celebrity president and don't want a celebrity rep. And it may be odd but I'm inclined toward voting for a woman who's not Elise Stefanik. Tedra Cobb is my choice. She's held a legislative office upstate which she was an underdog winning. Emily Martz had been my candidate, but I switched at the forum in South Glens Falls. I'd be real happy with either of them. Patrick Nelson is a great candidate as is Katie Wilson.

    One candidate dropped out to run for state assembly, Don Boyajian. I was really glad to see that. We had all these good people running for US rep and no one for the state seat.

    It's really a wealth of riches this year. In 2014, we had a Dem rep Owens and he dropped late in the process. Maybe March or so. It was a scramble to get Woolf. In 2016, Derrick was the only one to throw his hat or helmet in. There are some impressive people running.

    Ratigan wasn't running at the time I saw the SGF debate. Maybe I'd feel more warmly toward him. That's another issue that he got in late.

  3. I'll give you links to a few letters that are not as charitable as I am.