Thursday, April 12, 2018

Great Letters That Are Not Mine

The first is from Nicole Clark who demonstrates that Elise Stefanik is well-versed in tautologies.

To the dismay of many, this week Elise Stefanik continued her practice of providing slick, non-answers to constituent questions. For example, at Thursday’s “coffee” in South Glens Falls, when Michele Davis asked her to clarify her position on universal background checks and gun violence, she emphasized that “these horrific crimes (in Parkland, Las Vegas, etc.) are by people who have broken the law.” Notably, she ignored the fact that both the Parkland and Las Vegas murderers legally purchased their military-style weapons before killing throngs of people. 

Sara Schaff pointing out that our congresswoman may not be up to the job.

No one is asking her to "disagree" with Trump. Our love of our families, neighbors and country is far bigger than that. It's the kind of love that demands our elected officials stand up for a democracy under threat from an incompetent, incurious, bigoted, easily-bored, lying, narcissistic bully.

If Ms. Stefanik is not willing to do that, she doesn't deserve the job we pay her to do.

Julie Wash reminding us that Elise's ethics are essentially the same as Trump's and the rest of the elected members of the Republican Party. 

I appreciate the congresswoman's honesty to tell me face-to-face that she has no personal standards of integrity when it comes to fundraising off a self-proclaimed sexual abuser. Basically, if it wins the GOP the White House, Stefanik's professional integrity takes a back seat to a party that nominates and confirms a known abuser who riles the basest instincts in voters.


  1. I read at Daily Kos that there were two special elections for State Assembly up your way, AD-102, which might be a little south of you, and AD-107, which might be a little east of you. Any thoughts about the elections or districts?

  2. Thanks for pointing those out to me. Yes, they are South of me. The Assembly in NY is Dem-controlled and Senate is Republican. Still would be nice to flip a couple of seats, especially McLaughlin's. He's particularly nasty.

    Trump sucks the oxygen out of everything and it's impossible to actually pay attention to anything but him. He'll probably be happy going to prison because he'll still have the spotlight.