Thursday, March 29, 2018

Vegan Propaganda and Timing Meals

Despite the fact that I'll likely eat a bit of ham on Sunday and some turkey on Thanksgiving. That's why my diet is called AVAP, though. As Vegan As Possible. Let's feed everyone.

“Concurrently replacing all animal-based items in the US diet with plant-based alternatives will add enough food to feed, in full, 350 million additional people - well above the expected benefits of eliminating all supply chain food waste,” the study states.

On the subject of easy weight loss

A researcher at the Salk Institute in San Diego, Panda argues that eating within a certain time window each day can help people lose weight and may help prevent illnesses including diabetes , heart disease and cancer. In animal studies, he and others have shown that limiting food intake to a period of eight to 12 hours can boost cognitive and physical performance, and may even lengthen life span. Known as time-restricted feeding, or TRF, the approach is simple: Eat more or less what you want, but don't consume anything before or after the allotted time.

What could be easier than that? Actually I've been doing it a few days and my tummy gets a little grumbly before bedtime. I brush and floss early, though, because then I won't eat again. 

Wow, can't believe I didn't have a Vegan Propaganda label. 

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