Monday, February 26, 2018

Elected Employees of the NRA


     With the story of the shooting in Parkland, this NRA story has been getting short shrift. The FBI is investigating whether a Russian banker with ties to Vladimir Putin illegally funneled money to the gun lobbying group to help Donald Trump win the election. The NRA spent $30 million to help him. This money came from a wing of the group which doesn't have to reveal who their donors are. Don't know if Congress is looking into it. They did spend $40 million on electing other candidates so all signs point to no. It's odd that an organization that "defends America's freedoms" would take money from a Russian oligarch to help subvert democracy. If I was really cynical I might think it's another reason Congress is releasing memos to tar the FBI.

     Do want to say a word of condolence for the students and praise for them waking a lot of people up. They're showing moral leadership Congress can only dream of. David Hogg on the respect of the NRA for their members, "(Dana Loesch) wants them to think she's on their side, but she's not. She's working for the gun manufacturers."

     In discussions with gun fanciers online, I've come to the conclusion the justification for owning assault style rifles is to take on a tyrannical government. So, Congress is protecting the rights of would-be subversives against our government. Not to worry though because they're also increasing funding for the military. Nothing is more profitable than arming both sides in a war. Loesch isn't the only one working for the gun manufacturers. No wonder they spent $70 million to put them into office. March for our lives, March 24th.

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