Tuesday, September 19, 2017

It's Good to Keep a Few Wingers Around

I've managed to collect a right-winger or two on my Facebook friend list. The one I scored this from I defriended awhile back, but it's worth checking in now and then. Have you seen this photo.

Image may contain: one or more people and text

Of course not, because you won't see that in the liberal media. You probably didn't see the one of Trump saving the two cats either. Thank God the Russians are on FB to spread this hidden news around.

Mark Zuckerberg is full of shit. I've reported false nonsense that people have up that is anti-Muslim among other nastiness and it never goes down.


  1. Most of the right wingers on blog I've read are easily duped. They're not sophisticated enough to tell Trumpian b.s. from reality. Poor things.

  2. I don't spend enough time online to devote any to rightwing blogs. Barely make it to the leftwing ones. It's hard to believe for any number of reasons that someone couldn't look at that photo and realize how fake it is. I try to check my own credulity now and then. I know there's a photo of Trump playing tennis and he has, or is, a huge ass. Not that it matters to me, but I'm relatively sure it's been enhanced.

    Hope you and all your folks are mending.

    1. We are. Thank you. Getting back to routines is the best balm.

    2. Well, don't worry. Trump won't let you down. There's always something happening at the zoo. Now he's fighting with the NFL and NBA.