Monday, November 5, 2012

Rich Guy For Romney

Hard to believe as it may be Sheldon Adelson was at one time a Democrat. Yeah, that's right but the "party left him." Apparently because they don't bow low enough to our Israeli overlords:

A sobering Gallup poll from last March asked: "Are your sympathies more with the Israelis or more with the Palestinians?" Barely 53% of Democrats chose Israel, the sole liberal democracy in the region. By contrast, an overwhelming 78% of Republicans sympathized with Israel.

I know I should wake up everyday and think about the well being of Israel before I do the US at least in Sheldon's world. I was afraid he had given all that support to Romney (at least after he beat out some of the even more extremist loons in the primary) because he was a greedhead who wanted his taxes cut to 0%. But no:

My critics nowadays like to claim it's because I got wealthy or because I didn't want to pay taxes or because of some other conservative caricature. No, the truth is the Democratic Party has changed in ways that no longer fit with someone of my upbringing.

There isn't a caricature strong enough for this guy. He's out of a Bond movie. Think Auric Goldfinger. Personally I think that as much as Sheldon LOOOOOVES the Israelis he might be trying to buy a "Get Out Of Jail Free Card" with a Romney win.

The WSJ wrote that the U.S. Attorney’s office in Las Vegas is looking into whether Sands and its executives violated U.S. anti-money laundering laws by failing to report suspicious activity by two big-spending gamblers.

The investigation involves Zhenli Ye Gon (who has been indicted on counts of trafficking methamphetamine ingredients) and Ausaf Umar Siddiqui, (a former executive of Fry’s Electronics who went to jail on bribe charges) who wired tens of millions of dollars to the Sands Venetian casino in Las Vegas during the mid-2000s.

In fairness this article does say that Adelson is not under investigation though God knows why.

For an alternate Republican viewpoint on Israel see Andrew Bacevich.

Peace means different things to different governments and different countries. To some it suggests harmony based on tolerance and mutual respect. To others it serves as a euphemism for dominance, peace defining the relationship between the strong and the supine.

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