Saturday, September 8, 2012

Off to Local Fest 2012

In a bit of actual Hometown news today is local fest and I'll let Dave tell it since he's the professional writer.

The Shirt Factory in Glens Falls will be holding their inaugural LocalFest: Stuff Made Here event, on Saturday, September 8th.

The all-day festival is an exciting showcase of both the history and continued tradition of manufacturing in Glens Falls and the surrounding region. LocalFest will offer community members the chance to shop from local artisans, artists and locally owned businesses for a wide-range of unique products.

The Shirt Factory was once home to the McMullen-Leavens Company, one of the nation’s greatest shirt and dress manufacturers. Today the building provides a home to more than 70 artists and artisans, shops and creative and healing services.

Thanks Dave!

And that's how you copy and paste a post like a professor of polisci.

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