Friday, February 24, 2012

Would You Look at the Dust!

I guess sitting around untended will lead to dust, cobwebs, weeds and such. I feel a bit like Arthur returning from the Crusades except there's no John usurping my blog. Just the damn dust bunnies. Anyway, the Holy War against the Long Beach infidel has been concluded and we are returning to our loved ones a little bloodied but unbowed. At best the years long blog war with "Saint Donald" seems to have ended in a stalemate. God knows what a victory would have looked like. I believe the battle may have cost him his sanity so perhaps victory went to the nihilists after all. Reppy, Truth and I seem to all be operating at the same level of rationality as always. And Donald likely is still looking for anti-semitic Sasquatch haters.

I have no idea what this blog will be. Probably will be mostly me talking to myself which I do on a regular basis anyway. And that's not a sign of craziness because I remember Ann Landers saying so. Couldn't find a link to that so this will have to do. Nothing beats an internet diagnosis of mental or physical health. Cheaper than going to a real doctor as I recently found out when it cost me 50 bucks to walk in with an infected finger. Glad I have health insurance and hopefully no serious problems.

Enough rambling. I'll try to get back here for a visit sometime before the Mayan calendar and the Earth simultaneously come to an end.


  1. Well for chrissake, Kevin, I've been checking in here almost every week to see if you've put up something that I can rage over. I'm glad you've decided to come back to blogging. We don't care what the subject is--just go ahead and blog.

    I'll check in again to see what wisdom you have for us.


  2. Shaw, I really appreciate that. We really were wasting too much time and psychic energy on that putz who shall not be named. Time to get back to something more positive like spending time at blogs run by sane folks. I am going to try to be more faithful to this.

    My condolences on the loss of Jason Varitek and Tim Wakefield. Two of my favorite Sox.

  3. Don will most likely stop by here now and then to threaten you with a lawsuit or something.

    Shitheadedness is his opium.

  4. I certainly hope so, Truth. I don't pay my team of well-heeled lawyers to just sit around and smoke big cigars all day. That should scare him off.

    BTW, opium is my opium. You get a much better high than being a shithead. Don should try it.