Sunday, July 18, 2010

Leftwing Slurs

Don Douglas gives us this disgusting bit of correspondence sent to Michelle Malkin. I am denouncing it, by the way:

You are a shitty Filipino prostitute, your only hope is to marry a white man. you are cheep and ugly. When I look to your ugly Filipino eyes , I feel ,I want to throw up. You want to be white but you are not. You are a shitty Asian horn and you will be for the rest of your life. Clean your rotten cunt before you write Filipino monkey.

I feel dirty just putting it up here. And Don goes on to say:

These are the kind of slurs I get routinely from Repsac3's merry band of haters.

As has been said so many times, put up or shut up. You know how to copy and paste, Don. Let’s see the slurs from the merry band of haters that approaches the bit above. I apologize for fat neocon hobo. You’re not a hobo, you just dress like one.

Might as well do a PowerMad roundup. Here’s another posting about a nut who attacks a group of DLI students. Included is this editorial comment:

Remember my comments about Repsac3's merry band of extremist henchmen? "I expect physical threats to my safety as forthcoming ... so always remember --- leftists are pure evil..."

Of course, my brother went to DLI and I would have myself if I hadn’t chosen another career field. I believe Don, along with Dick Cheney and most other neocons had other priorities while I was keeping Plattsburgh safe from the Rooskies. Love “extremist henchmen,” though.

In this posting, Don takes some really nice photos of some really lovely people. I’m sure the Department of Homeland Security under Lord Obama appreciates the quality. Names would nice, too. Probably not necessary, though.

What really struck me though is, why the Hell is the price of gas so high there?


That’s probably 40 cents a gallon more than it is here. Of course I don’t drive, so like I give a rat’s behind. Just curious.



    (Beat mine (And Speaking of Dishonest Genitalia...) by just a few short minutes... 8>)

    Odd, how often we're on that same wavelength of late...

    I'd invite you to write for AmNi, but I suppose it'd be redundant...

  2. Thanks for the invite to write at AmNi, Mr. Repsac3. I'm currently mulling an offer to write for a blog called American Power. Mr. Douglas there told me if I can get my slurs and smears up to snuff I'll really go places.

  3. I am quite certain the Malkin email will turn out to be a right wing plant.

    I do feel kind of envious in a don't give a shit sort of way that Don hates you two more than me. Of course that's the advantage of being Truth 101. How can one hate "truth?"

    That reminds of the story of how a local preacher wanted me to drop the Truth 101 moniker. I should email that story to Professor Douglas. Probably be the only real email he gets.

  4. Truth, do you have Don's e-mail? I'd like to drop him a few lines just to feed his persecution complex. I could be sunshine and kittens in it and he would take it as a personal attack at this point.

    Anyway, I put mine up in a comment at AmNi in case he wants to send me one like Malkin got. Then I can go to his employers and all that blah blah. What's funny is he's going to take that seriously and maybe even put it in a post.