Thursday, January 26, 2017

You're Going to Hear About It, Elise

From TPM:

No less important, every Republican in Congress is going to give this the green light, forcing American taxpayers to pay for the Wall themselves. Democrats should hammer this point too: they're trying to clean up Trump's mess with your money!


  1. Re The First Degrading Week of President 37%'s presidency:

    I read reports that Trump demanded the National Park Services show him photos of the crowds to prove he had YUUUUGE number of people watching his coronation. The National Park Service complied and to Trump's disappointment, the photos showed that he had a puny crowd compared with that which showed up for President Obama's inauguration.

    Poor trump. He'll spend the rest of his presidency trying to prove something or other is bigger than anyone else's.


  2. I went looking for new numbers on his approval because I thought you might be giving him too much credit at 37%. Didn't find any, but I did find that he's big in Russia. What a surprise.

    More than 70% of Russians believe Trump will be a competent U.S. leader

    Of course, their country is run by a guy that has looted it to the tune of $40 to $70 billion.