Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Congratulations Shaw

You guys are green.

Adulthood obesity rates by state

At least we're gold and not brown or red.


  1. I can take no credit for that. But we in Massachusetts do take living healthily seriously.

  2. And my state is the fattest one west of the Rockies? :-( Well, looking around, it's not too hard to believe.

  3. Shaw, your state is really in the minority there. I'm surprised to see Maine at the high end. Actually, I'm carrying a little excess baggage myself so can't take much credit for NY doing well.

    Infidel, I was surprised there to see Oregon come out high being next door to Cal and all. I would blame it on all those tasty microbrews you guys are famous for.

    Those southern red in every sense states are expected.

    We need a department of preventative healthcare more than anything else. Get the USDA out of the business of urging meat and dairy consumption. But then, that's the zealotry of the converted.

    looking around, it's not too hard to believe.

    I see that around me as well and it makes me a little pessimistic for any type of healthcare plan: ACA, single payer or Trumpcare.