Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The House is Gonna Have to Work Hard

To be more corrupt than the Trump Administration, that is.

(Trump) claims his conflicts of interest are "not a big deal," and that the only reason they seem like one is "you people are making it a big deal." Never mind that as long as he's getting paid by foreign entities, which will be pretty hard not to as long as he owns hotels, golf courses, and office buildings around the world, he may well be violating the Constitution. 

What have you got, House members?

Thus did Republicans, after the “drain the swamp” campaign of 2016, propose in their first act of 2017 to overflow the swamp with a new pipeline of sleaze.

And Trump had to tell them that didn't look good. 

If this fractious bunch can’t agree without a brouhaha on the routine matter of a rules package, wait until they get to tough stuff, such as replacing Obamacare and funding the government.

There ain't gonna be enough popcorn. If only my health insurance didn't hang in the balance.

The AMA, which has been rather comically pro-Trump to date, came out today and told Republicans that they shouldn't repeal Obamacare without a clear replacement. Notably, even two of the most conservative health care economists at AEI, came out yesterday and said that 'repeal and delay' would be a disaster. The truth is that "repeal and delay" is the policy equivalent of taking off from JFK to Heathrow with 2,000 miles worth of gas and saying you're going to figure it out en route. No one who knows anything about health care economics, even people who are staunch free marketeers and hate Obamacare, think that makes any sense.

Pop another batch.

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